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100% natural origin (tobacco leaf, not synthetic)

USP grade liquid nicotine shots available in 18mg/ml (1.8% Nicotine), in 10ml.

All shots are MAX VG (100% Vegetable Glycerine)

Fully TPD compliant.

The most odourless, tasteless & clear nicotine shots available, at the lowest prices online, guaranteed!

18mg Nicotine Shots are used to add a nicotine strength boost to e-juice or short fill e-liquid, and the nicotine, labels, and bottles used are fully TPD compliant.

Nicotine Shot Mixing Guide

There are many advantages of using 18mg Nicotine Shots. For example, when mixing in a 30ml bottle of e-liquid to make strengths of 3mg, 6mg or 12mg, it is very simple and straightforward to do so:

  • 30ml e-liquid in 3mg – Use half a bottle of a nic shot (5ml)
  • 30ml e-liquid in 6mg – Use a full bottle of a nic shot (10ml)
  • 30ml e-liquid in 12mg – Use two bottles of nic shots (2 x 10ml)

We have created a mixing chart below to make the process simpler for you. All the popular bottle sizes and nicotine strengths are listed.


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Ingredients: Propylene glycol 30%, vegetable glycerin 70%, flavourings, 18mg nicotine.