Genuine Greensound 2200mah GS eGo II Battery



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Black, Pink, Steel


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    Guidance on the use of Lithium Batteries in NERC
    Warning lithium batteries
    We recommend Fireproof Lipo Li-Po Battery Safety Guard Charge Bag
    The safest way to charge and store lithium batteries.
    If you accidentle damage the battery , knocking or dropping DO NOT USE.
    The lithium batteries used in proprietary consumer goods, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using electrical equipment containing lithium batteries.
    In addition:
    Do not leave rechargeable lithium batteries to recharge unattended overnight.
    Do not leave rechargeable lithium batteries to recharge near children, pets, or any inflammable item.

    Recharge in covered fireproof container when possible.
    Do not crush, break open or physically abuse the batteries or the equipment that contains them.
    Dispose faulty lithium batteries properly do not use.

    Disclaimer eLiquid4U will not be held responsible for misuse of Lithium Batteries.

    You are responsible for your own safety.

    Li-Po Safe Charging Bag

    Suitable for use with all chargers and batteries sold in our shop, we recommend the use of this bag whilst charging as it will reduce any damage that might occur should there be an issue during charging. Battery must be placed inside the bag and sealed using the velcro fastener.


    All batteries sold by us come with a 30 day guarantee valid from the next working day after the order is marked as “shipped”.

    Electronic products come with a DEAD ON ARRIVAL ONLY guarantee.

    The E-cigarette is not designed to last forever, but we are able to extend the life of it with occasional maintenance.

    Dead On Arrival (DOA) warranty, email within 48-hours for cover.

    It is advised to have spare atomisers and batteries prior to completing at checkout

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