Inspired EGO-CE4 Vape Pen


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Inspired Vapour Vape Pen / E-CIG in various colours. Great quality, very stylish vape pens at a fantastic price.

The kit has everything you need to get started – vape pen battery, atomiser tank and USB charger – all boxed up so ideal to be given as a gift.

1 x Inspired Vapour 650MA EGO-CE4 Kit

CE4 clearomizer: 1.6ml Capacity
Battery: 650mah.
When fully charged, the battery powers over 800 puffs.
Ten seconds of continuous use causes the button to cut-off.
When plugging in the battery to charge, the button or ring will flash three times and the charger’s indicator light will turn red.
When the indicator light turns green charging is complete.
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Battery life: 300 recharges
USB inpiut: DC 4.5-6V 500 mah
USB output: DC 4.2V 400 mah
USB port: 5V Adapter/computer usb port/vehicle
DC output: 5V

IMPORTANT: The pen will arrive switched OFF. In order to get the pen to work, after charging, you must press the button 5 times in rapid succession to switch it on. This is a safety feature of the pen to ensure that it does not get switched on by accident. Then Press and Hold to start vaping

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